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In the Community

I would like to sincerely thank your team at Bayou City Aire for saving my grandfather's life. I know that is a grand statement to make but Bayou City Aire did just that. My grandfather noticed that his heater was turning on and off so he asked my mom to have someone come out to do an inspection. That is when Angel took the afternoon to inspect the heater and realized that the heater was completely worn out and if it continued to run it could start a fire and possibly injure my grandfather. 

My grandfather, a retired HISD mechanic is still recovering from a stroke he had late last year. Angel generously offered to look into any old models but still new heaters he may have in his warehouse so he could replace his at a fraction of the price. The following week, my grandfather had a new safe heater and air ducts in his house just in time for the winter. No words will ever be able to express my family's gratitude for what BCA and Angel did for my grandfather. Thank you for being his angels. 

All the best, 

- Laura Garcia -

Granddaughter of Juan Romo


I would like to express my appreciation to you. What you have done for me is something that not too many do for others. God will repay you in so many ways. You did not have to do the things you have done, but they came from the bottom of your heart. You have also came back to do more and I can not repay you, but I would like to let you know how much I appreciate it. There should be more people like you. This world would be in a better place. If it wouldn't be for your generosity I would have no heat. May God bless you.


- Calistra Cano -

Bayou City Aire,

I wanted to express my sincere appreciation to Bayou City Aire for their generous donations to the Arthritis Foundation over the past several years. In addition to their donations, they have been involved with the Arthritis Foundation's Jingle Bell Run/Walk. The support we have received from them both professionally and personally is overwhelming. It means a lot to our family and most importantly to our son who is 14 and dealing with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. With Donations from supporters such as Bayou City Aire we are one step closer to finding a cure for kids with arthritis. 

- Rey & Laura Rueda and family -

Dear Mr. Martinez,

On behalf of our residents at Northvale Village a community of Retirement Housing Foundation (RHF), thank you for your  generous recent gift-in-kind contribution of Thanksgiving meal for our residents. 

Our residents deeply appreciate the gift of the meal. We are grateful for your support of our residents at Cornerstone Garden.

- Paul Mapes, Manager -

Bayou City Aire,

We would love to thank you for all your hard work and donation on our last mission trip to Casa Hogar Manantial de Amor. Your donation of 35 shoes for orphan children was such a blessing and success. To see a child's face light up when they receive a brand new pair of shoes is priceless, and we are glad that you were able to provide that to underprivileged kids. We pray that in the future you will continue to provide to these well deserved children to better their lives in a positive way. Thank you again and God bless. 

- Marco Orozco -

Change of HOPE Ministries 


 Bayou City Aire, 

Thank you so much for being a huge blessing to Grace Missions Español, our Spanish Mission Ministry. The people of Guatemala as well as our Ministry are grateful for all your help, generosity, donations and prayers. 

With all your help we were able to donate 35 much needed shoes to Mi Especial Tesoro Orphanage in Chimaltenango, Guatemala. Their hugs, kisses and words of gratitude will always live in our hearts. 

We would also like to thank you for the 100 Spanish Bibles that you donated and we were able to take to Guatemala. The look in people's faces as we gave them their first bible will live in our hearts forever.

- David Scarpeta -

Pastor Grace Español 

Bayou City Aire, 

On behalf of Learn Local Inc., I would like to thank you for your donation for Hogg Outdoors and the sponsored bike racks. We are excited to see the many changes unfolding at Hogg Middle School. Your support is a great help and we all truly appreciate it. 

- Learn Local -

Bayou City Aire, 

Thank you for being of great blessing and an important part of Grace Missions Español. Last year 2016 the people of Tegucigalpa, Honduras were blessed by your sponsorship. 

One of the schools with the largest population of children and teenagers in the capital of Honduras, Milla Selva School, was sponsored with more than 100 pairs of shoes. 

We were able to install a new water tank that will provide clean water to a community of children that is part of the Total Transformation Project. It does not just help 70 children daily, but  also as a church. 

With your support it was also possible to send a missionary to serve in Honduras; and last but not least we were also able to distribute sufficient bibles to the community. 

It has been an unforgettable experience that impacted our lives. We were able to see their eyes full of joy. They saw the love of God through you with your sweet gift. Thank you for being our fellow sponsor in this journey.

- David Scarpeta -

Pastor Principal - Grace Español 

 Bayou City Aire, 

I'm pleased to write this letter of thanks and gratitude for the wonderful donations your company has provided to the children of Browning Elementary. Uniforms will be distributed to our neediest families and the school supplies will be dispersed among grade levels. 

Your generosity to Browning Elementary will positively impact the students with their academic learning and strengthen their confidence as individuals. 

Once again thank you for your commitment to our students and I look forward to working with you throughout the school year. 

- Julia Elizondo - 

Principal - Browning Elementary

The Officers and Soldiers of the 72d Infantry Brigade Combat Team do hereby present this

Certificate of Appreciation for exemplary contribution to the

HHC 72d Infantry Brigade Combat Team and the Texas

Army National Guard. By virture of the power vested in the

Officers and Soldiers of the 72d Infantry Brigade,

we hereby affix our hand in the 8th Day of September 2013.

Christopher Adams CPT, TXARNG


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